Abstract Art - Perth, WA

Western Australian artist Jen Lee creates inspiring, abstract contemporary artwork in rich, earthy tones.

Jen specialises in commissioned art pieces, personally created to your requirements and to match your decor colours.

As a working mother with two beautiful daughters, Jen draws on reality and emotion to breathe life into her work, creating vibrant scenes with a myriad of textures. Jen creates canvasses with a strong, dramatic flair, whilst exploring the lure and intrigue of bringing together different mediums. Her pleasure in exploring how these mediums react to one another is evident in her finished work.

Jen loved art from an early age and dabbled on and off over the years. But somehow, she always found herself being drawn back to the canvas and is now enjoying the opportunity to concentrate on painting as an integral part of her life and career. Her abstract artwork is self-taught, although Jen’s formal training in Graphic Design does play an important role.

Whilst most of her work is sold directly from the studio, her artistic flair is increasingly sought after by Interior Decorators, Design Consultants and home owners looking to find spectacular pieces of art to compliment their home or office.

“I love the journey of experimentation and unpredictable change and watch with intrigue at how different mediums react with one another. Painting is my passion and provides a private time for me to connect with my soul. Each piece of artwork is intuitively created with inspiration from the wonderful colours and textures I see on a day to day basis. The natural beauty of our sensational landscape in Western Australia is also a continual inspiration to me.”

~ Jen Lee

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